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At SMU, we recognise that a university education is a privilege.  We also recognise that our students have a responsibility to give.  Our scholars relish the opportunities that are given to  them to learn, grow and make a positive impact to society.  We are grateful to all our supporters and partners who provide us with these tremendous opportunities. 

As you get acquainted about these various opportunities that our scholars have to serve and learn, you will see that they are wanting to be good stewards of their talents, time and energy.  As you read about what they are experiencing as scholars, we invite you to join us as a prospective scholar or a partner in making opportunities for our scholars' growth and service possible.

As we increase in knowledge, we are determined to follow in the footsteps of those whose actions impact society positively.  Together, we are on a journey to become better individuals as we make our contributions in service.  Please join us in this endeavour.


Last updated on 09 Feb 2021 .