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"LKCSP has had a life-changing impact on me. Though the programme, I have made many close friends. The closely knit community provides support for us in many ways. The programme has provided me opportunities to grow as a global citizen. I had the opportunity to attend 2 Overseas Community Service Projects (OCSP) in Philippines and India. I also went on a study trip with the programme to Germany where we had visits to cutting-edge businesses.

The scholarship has also helped me grow significantly as a person. The double degree requirement not only affords me multiple perspectives from both business and law. If not for the programme, I would not have pushed myself to achieve what I have today."

Rodney Yap Thye Yi
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) & Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

"Being part of the LKCSP has been an incredibly rewarding experience. In my first year, I gained exposure to an eye-opening, one-of-a-kind, overseas community service project. We worked with a non-profit organisation that provides alternative livelihoods to shark fishermen in Lombok, Indonesia. I also enjoyed a rich cultural and professional immersion in Japan, where we got an insider’s view to traditional businesses and global corporations. LKCSP has given us the freedom to explore and has opened unparalleled opportunities through its reputation in the industry. To me, LKCSP has been much more than an enriching program, but rather an irreplaceable community – where caring staff go the extra mile in ensuring our welfare and like-minded and driven peers form life-long friendships."

Mridula Sairam
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) & Bachelor of Science (Economics) BSc (Econ)

"LKCSP has provided immense opportunities to broaden my global exposure and learning. The Overseas Community Service Programme let me experience the community culture in Philippines. The LKCSP Study Trip took me to Germany and gave me insights on their working culture and business strategies. LKCSP supported me in my choice to complete a semester of exchange studies in Sweden, where I could immerse myself in the Swedish way of living and entrepreneurial spirit."

Joyce Tang Si Xin
Bachelor of Social Science (BSocSc) & Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

"In LKCSP, there is a system in place where each freshman is paired with a mentor who is pursuing the same double degree combination. My mentor’s advice was very useful in helping me to plan my modules, decide on which CCA was best suited for me, and even how to study effectively. Seniors and alumni of the program are also always happy to be contacted to share their working experiences and give career advice, thanks to CSD's facilitating role. 

Over the past few years, the scholarship gave me the chance to visit the Philippines for community service to teach young children, travel around various countries in Europe during my exchange program, and to Taiwan and South Korea on the overseas study mission to learn more about the different industries in those countries.Overall, the scholarship has provided me with the resources to gather a lot of valuable experiences, which have played a significant role in shaping my outlook on the world."

Amanda Teo Wei Chien
Bachelor of Accountancy (BAcc) & Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

"To me, the Lee Kong Chian Scholars' Programme is more than just a scholarship. It is a programme that brings together individuals who are like-minded, yet so diverse in their interests and specialisations. From celebrating festivities as a community to attending lectures conducted by business leaders together, there are always opportunities to expand our knowledge and social circles. Through the programme, I was also given the chance to spend 3 weeks in Hong Kong University for the Asia Institute for Political Economy (AIPE) programme where I was coached by professors from George Mason University, and shared the same classroom with 65 other people from all around the world. It has been an incredibly rewarding journey of self-discovery, growth and development to be part of the Lee Kong Chian Scholars’ Programme."

Giselle Chua Wen Yi
Bachelor of Science (Economics) BSc (Econ) & Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)

"Being a part of the LKCSP has enriched my journey in SMU tremendously. I am very fortunate to have the experience to go on overseas trips to learn and grow. Personally, I found the trip to Lombok to be the most memorable. It is amazing how the people in the program can come up with so many interesting and diverse views in evaluating ecological problems. I am thankful for the sense of community and support provided by my fellow scholars. My SMU journey has been most enriching because of the LKCSP."

Nicholas Putra Franslay
Bachelor of Science in Information Systems BSc (IS) &
Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)


Last updated on 03 Mar 2017 .