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"The Global Impact Scholarship provided me with the opportunity to stay at Prinsep Street Residences for an entire year and the experience was fulfilling. Staying at PSR brought about much convenience with SMU being a mere 10-minute walk away. But more than that, not only did I grow closer to my fellow scholars, I also made many new friends with the international students residing there as well. We often hung out around the common areas in PSR to catch up with each other and have meals together. PSR was a community that felt like home."

Bachelor of Science (Economics)
Global Impact Scholar
Formerly from Hwa Chong Institution


"The option to pursue a Masters under the scholarship programme provides us with an opportunity to broaden our knowledge and explore areas outside our current expertise to stay competitive in the industry. Furthermore, the flexibility for us to do it after graduation allows us to consider the relevance of a Masters qualification in our line of work and better relate to the courses that we will be attending."

Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)
Global Impact Scholar
Formerly from Nanyang Polytechnic




"The value of the Lee Kong Chian Scholarship goes beyond simply the monetary benefits. For me, I found the most value in the people and the experiences. The peers, seniors and alumni that I have found through the scholar network has been instrumental in helping me to shape my future. From landing internships at dream companies to helping me define my career path. they have been an incredible pillar of support and guidance. In a similar vein, the opportunities offered to me by the scholarship have helped me build a global perspective. From leading a community service project in a rural Indian village to a London study trip to see different business approaches, I have gotten the chance to experience new places outside my comfort zone."  

Bachelor of Business Management & Bachelor of Social Science
Lee Kong Chian Scholar
Formerly from Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) 



"The opportunities given as part of the Lee Kong Chian Scholars Programme are endless. The LKCSP gave me the chance to explore the world beyond Singapore, to learn and grow with people from all backgrounds. Through the scholarship, i embarked on an overseas community service project to the Phillipines, and attended the Pembroke-King's programme at the University of Cambridge for a summer exchange. I also had the opportunity to travel to the Asia Institute for Political Economy in Hong Kong, to learn more about how politics and economics intersect, which gave me deeper insights into how i can contribute back to Singapore after graduation." 

Bachelor of Science (Economics) & Bachelor of Business Management
Lee Kong Chian Scholar
Formerly from National Junior College



"The programme provides many opportunities to challenge ourselves in an unfamiliar environment and to develop a global perspective, encouraging and empowering us to learn and grow. I have also met many like-minded peers, with whom I have fostered strong bonds and created many memories with. This close-knit community has added plenty of colour to my SMU life. Together, we embarked on an Overseas Community Service Project to Vietnam, where we sought to establish the foundations for Community Based Tourism in the rural village of Hua Tat. Applying the lessons and theory learnt in the classroom to real-world scenarios, and seeing it make a difference in the lives of others was an unforgettable experience. "

Bachelor of Accountancy
SMU Merit Scholar
Formerly from Raffles Institution



”The Yip Pin Xiu Scholarship has enabled me to balance my sports and school life. It has opened up more avenues for me to connect with seniors who are student athletes and to learn from them on how to cope with the academic rigor. On top of that, the university has given me immense support in ensuring that  I can juggle both school and water-skiing during competition seasons and exam period. In addition, the scholarship has also given me numerous platform for growth and self-development, such as giving me the opportunity to travel to Vietnam for an overseas community service project."

Bachelor of Accountacy
Yip Pin Xiu Scholar
Formerly from Anglo-Chinese Junior College



Last updated on 06 Nov 2019 .