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Events & Activities


The Study trips are also held twice a year. Students have been to countries such as China, Taiwan, Australia and Germany. Students get the opportunity to visit big companies to study their operations and tour the premises. They also get to participate in networking sessions which helped secure internship for some. Not to miss out on the fun , students also go on cultural visits to places to better understand the culture and practices of the country.


The Community Service Trips are held twice a year during the holidays. These trips give the scholars an opportunity to give back to the society and help the less fortunate; an essential part of developing their holistic growth. One good illustration is the OCIP trip to Chiang Mai. The students helped in building a water tank for the natives of village Lahu. The project that they had undertaken was later named as Project Lahu.


Welcome Tea Reception
The Welcome Tea Reception held at the beginning of each academic year allows for the Director of the Centre, the staff members and the students to mingle and interact with each other.

Back to School Get-Together
A get-together organized by the CSD office at the start of each term to foster camaraderie between the seniors and the juniors.


Take-a-Break Party

This fun event gives the scholars a chance for a breather before they start on their “mugging”. As a special treat goodie bags put together by the staff comprising of ‘feel-good’ edibles are handed out to motivate them and keep them going till the exams.

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

The perfect timing to relax and enjoy the festivities is during the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration with beautiful colorful lanterns and delectable mooncakes.

Orientation Camp
The camp is organized by Year 2 students for the freshmen every year. This encourages bonding between the seniors and the newcomers and promotes teambuilding amongst their cohort.

Graduation Party
The graduation parties are usually organized by a representative from the graduating batch of students for the rest of the cohort. The graduation parties have been intimate affairs held at theEast Coast Chalet and the University Lounge. A last chance for them to come together to reminisce their time in university before going out into working world.

Last updated on 24 Aug 2016 .