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Events & Activities

A. Global Exposure


The Overseas Study Trips by CSD are held twice a year. Students have been to countries such as China, Taiwan, Australia, UK and Germany. Students get the opportunity to visit industries and companies to study their operations and tour the premises. They also get to participate in networking sessions which helped secure internship for some. Not to miss out on the fun , students also go on cultural visits to places to better understand the culture and practices of the country.


The Community Service Trips are held twice a year during the holidays. These trips give the scholars an opportunity to give back to the society and help the less fortunate; an essential part of developing their holistic growth. One good illustration is the OCSP trip to Manila. Project Grasya, aims to empower children in Manila, Philippines to attain social mobility. The project was founded on the belief that achieving ideal educational outcomes was critical in attaining social mobility. To help them achieve better educational outcomes, two key constituents were required: quality curriculum and an optimal state of health. As such, the students conduct education workshops – which imparts to them skills like public speaking, financial literacy, and interview skills on top of the educational content. Secondly, students conduct medical missions for the students, their families, and the teaching and school staff to ensure that not just the students, but the people around them as well, are all healthy.

B. Personal Development

Career Talks and Personal Development Workshops

CSD also holds regular talks and workshops every term, Scholars can learn first hand from industry leaders as well as our alumni on important life lessons and how to chart their career paths. Specially curated workshops are also conducted to help scholars hone in on their leadership and team building skills. 

C. community building

In addition to the many development programme and activities available to scholars, CSD holds numerous bonding and community building events throughout the academic year. This includes Freshmen Orientation Camp for scholars, Back to School Gatherings, Mid-Autumn Celebrations, Graduation Party and much more. 

Last updated on 21 Oct 2020 .